Enhancements in VR 3.1.3

  • z/OS 2.2 Support:Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.2 operating system and earlier Generally Available releases.
  • Increased stability:Enhanced support for “region stress” conditions.
  • Started task support:Enhanced detection of started tasks.
  • Enhanced BLSR support:VR can now dynamically determine whether or not a BLDVRP request was issued natively by the application or by BLSR in support of the application.
  • Enhanced QSAM support:VR can now override an application request for RM24 QSAM buffers with a request for RM31 QSAM buffers.

VELOCI-Raptor Conversion-Assist:

  • The Conversion-Assist feature of VELOCI-Raptor will aid in the conversion from a user’s existing performance optimization tool to VELOCI-Raptor by ensuring product segregation.
  • During a VELOCI-Raptor trial, VR Conversion-Assist allows the trialing of VR without modification to the current performance optimization product’s environment. The current product can remain active.
  • During a conversion to VELOCI-Raptor, VR Conversion-Assist eliminates the need to manually move target optimizations from one product to another along with the need to stop one product in order to use the other.

The Conversion-Assist feature is installed on top of an existing VR installation and can be dynamically activated and deactivated via either operator commands, or commands included within VR’s startup parameters.