DINO Software

DINO Software develops enterprise-wide, multi-platform solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments. In 2002, DINO-Software released their vanguard product, T-REX and quickly established themselves as specialists within the z/OS mainframe tech-space. DINO-Software products include VSAM record management, catalog, storage management, and disaster recovery. DINO technologists have, over the course […]

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HSM Adminisaurus

HSM Adminisaurus (HSA) is a consolidated DFSMShsm management tool, for the novice or the expert, that provides extensive reporting, comprehensive auditing, in-depth processing analysis, and simplified administrative functions for establishing and maintaining a healthy HSM environment. LEARN MORE

RTD | Real Time Defrag

Today the availability and reliability of your organization’s data is critical to its success. But finding the time required to keep your systems operating efficiently often strains a data center’s resources and its ability to meet service level agreements. In order to utilize available resources more efficiently, more and more […]

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REORGadon (HSM/R) is a tool for reorganizing IBM’s Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFSMShsm) control data sets (CDS) and small data set packing data sets (SDSP). REORGadon provides HSM control data set or SDSP reorganization while the files are active and online to HSM, and without having to shutdown and restart HSM.  LEARN […]

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TERADON will create an address space (ORXMAIN) and dynamically enable its catalog management mirroring routines. The ORXMAIN address space monitors files requiring mirroring. Since the associated file can be OPEN, this process ensures catalog management requests are correctly handled and directed to the “target” ICF catalog. LEARN MORE

UDM | Universal Data Manager

Universal Data Manager (UDM) is a GUI based solution for managing your z/OS Storage at an Enterprise level including; ICF Catalogs, DASD Volumes, DFSMS objects, Spool data and other related objects. The overall ease of installation and automated analysis provides the controls, information and reporting needed to manage the dynamics […]

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VR | VELOCI-Raptor

VR is an intelligent, intuitive, performance optimization tool designed to dramatically improve system performance while significantly reducing system overhead by automating tuning activities. LEARN MORE


XTINCT is a tool for wiping data to ensure the original data is unrecoverable. Make your data as extinct as the dinosaurs. Various options exist to meet your level of protection.  LEARN MORE